Business Growth Strategies You Can Adopt In Your Business

2nd March 2020 0

Businesses can be likened to a seed (in the form of an idea) which, when planted (executed properly), grows into a tree (a company). Trees come in different sizes and produce different yields of fruits, and so do businesses. As an entrepreneur, it is normal to desire (like a farmer) for your tree to grow […]

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Important Steps to Take when Creating a Structure for Your Business

3rd February 2020 1

Many small businesses are stuck at a particular level and can’t seem to grow beyond that point. In some cases, small business owners are choked with activities in the business. The business can’t take on more clients or jobs, because that would mean more work for the owner, who must be involved in everything for […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Business Processes in 2020

6th January 2020 1

For many businesses, your top priorities in 2020 should include improving your business processes and operations. Improving your processes can add a lot of value to your business, and may be the answer to some of the challenges you faced in the business during the previous year. In this article, let us examine 5 major […]

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How To Set SMART, Actionable Goals For Your Business

2nd December 2019 1

As an entrepreneur, you need to plan to be successful in business, and part of that planning process is deciding on your business objectives and setting out actionable business goals. Here are five steps you should follow to set the right goals for your business and make them actionable and attainable. 1. Reflect on the […]

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Effective Ways to Deal With Customer Complaints

3rd November 2019 0

According to 1Financial Training Services, 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, and 91% of them will simply leave and never come back. So, having a customer call with a complaint is something to be grateful for. It shows the customer is giving you a chance and still hopes to do business with you. Every business […]

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How to Redesign Your Business and Put the Right Structure in Place

6th October 2019 0

Big and successful businesses did not just happen; they were built intentionally. If you study the business model of these big companies, you will see that they’ve been carefully designed to produce the kind of results they are getting. Unfortunately, most small businesses are merely existing by chance. Any circumstance may have led to you […]

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5 Catch Phrases That Can Encourage Customers to Buy

2nd September 2019 0

If you’ve been in business for some time now, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “customers like to be encouraged.” Have you wondered what this means? Let’s dissect this a little. As a business owner or salesperson, your choice of words matters a lot. It can make or break a sale. Even if you offer […]

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