7 Things That Will Hinder Your Business Growth

4th August 2019 0

Every entrepreneur’s dream is for their business to grow, but not everyone experiences that. Some do faster than others. Why does it happen so? Business growth doesn’t come automatically based on how long a business has been in existence. It is pursued deliberately. This means that there are certain things that are necessary for a […]

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Do You Feel Stuck? How to Identify the Next Step for Your Business

26th June 2019 0

Starting out as an entrepreneur, you may have been preoccupied with trying to birth the business idea you had. There was so much to learn and much more to do at that phase, and you pulled through. It’s been several years down the line; the business is still running, but the thrill of launching out […]

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What’s Your Value Proposition?

3rd June 2019 0

Do you know why your customers pull your products or services into their lives? In the 90’s McDonald’s was trying to increase the sales of it’s milkshakes, with the customer data available to them, the marketing department was able to map out a demographic profile of the quintessential milkshake customer. Armed with this profile, they […]

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Want To Get It Done? Schedule It By Time-blocking

13th May 2019 0

Do you struggle with getting things done? Do you sometimes feel like there are not enough hours in a day? If yes, then you should try Time Blocking. It is a productivity technique used by top business leaders and experts to manage time and get tasks accomplished.

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The Consumer Decision Journey: How consumers make choices and the implications

22nd April 2019 0

The internet has changed how consumers interact with brands and this calls for new marketing strategies. The traditional marketing strategies were developed on the basis of the “funnel metaphor” – a consumer will start with numerous brands from which they would then narrow down through a reductive process after which they buy and move on. […]

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How to Run a Marketing Campaign

1st April 2019 0

How do you ensure your target market is not oblivious of the value you are offering ?   Define Goals:Goals are an essential part of the potential success of your campaign. They provide structure and purpose — and something to work towards. However, nailing down effective goals requires a bit of thought and planning. Your goals have […]

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How to Improve Your Business Processes

24th February 2019 0

Business processes are critical to the ability of a company to successfully execute its objectives. A great strategy, the right employees, and other accompanying structures are necessary to run a successful business. However it is having the right processes and systems in place that guarantees a business’ ability to consistently offer value to its customers […]

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