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What We Do

Business Concept Validation

Thinking of starting a business but confused about what exactly to do? We can help you narrow down your choices. Using our specialized tests and surveys and research; we validate your interests, strengths and weaknesses and propose business ideas that match your personality profile. We also give you preliminary information about the industry you are interested in.

Business Process Design

We work with you to define and document the ways in which your operations should be carried out to achieve the set goals of the company. We help you create process manuals across all functions in the organization as well as develop flowcharts for easy assimilation. Where your company already has processes, we audit and improve the processes.

Business Plan

Your business needs a clear strategy that defines your goals and how you intend to achieve those goals. This service will help you develop a comprehensive plan which can be used to obtain financing and or provide direction for the business. Our basic business plan covers all the major sections such as business description, market and industry analysis, marketing plan, operations and management and financials.

Organizational Design

This service will provide a firm foundation for your business to thrive. We ensure that you have the right framework and right staff to help you meet your company goals. We will review key aspects of your business such as finance, sales and marketing, human resources, operations and customer service etc. with a view to creating a wholesome organization.

Why Us

Because we are the best and you deserve the best.

Working with Owens & Xley is a decision we hope you will never regret. We have years of experience working with businesses in diverse industries and we are able to quickly transfer our skills and knowledge to create a bespoke solution that works just for you.

Our relationship never ends with a project, we become your lifetime partners in building your business. That is our promise!

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