5 Catch Phrases That Can Encourage Customers to Buy

If you’ve been in business for some time now, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “customers like to be encouraged.” Have you wondered what this means? Let’s dissect this a little.

As a business owner or salesperson, your choice of words matters a lot. It can make or break a sale. Even if you offer the best product, without your consumers been influenced by your selling proposition, you’ll find it hard to sell. So, check out some terms and phrases that usually encourage customers to react positively to your product offers.

1. Free

You’ve seen this word countless times, but it is vital you know the selling power it possesses. This seems to be the top-performing phrase to encourage customers to buy an item. How can you make use of this term? One way is by offering some free perks to go with the purchase of your premium product/service. Customers love to think they are getting more value for their money.

2. Guaranteed

The rationale behind this phrase is to be able to back up your sale offer considering the so much fraud and fake products in the world today. It helps to give customers the much-needed reassurance that what you are offering will serve the purpose for which they are paying for it.

3. Limited Offer

The fear of missing out is a typical driver of this phrase. No customer wouldn’t want to purchase or own a beneficial item. One rationale behind this is that oftentimes, people already know they need a product, but they are still trying to decide if it’s the best time for them to get it. When they know it’s a limited offer, some would want to get it, even if they don’t need it immediately, just so they don’t miss out.

4. Best Selling

Consumers like to know what products or services are popular. People generally like to go where others are going, or do what many others have done. Somehow, popularity is taken to mean relevance. So, creating a comprehensive list of your best-selling products with this simple catchphrase will encourage more sales.

5. Thank you

When you close a sale with a customer, show the customer a little love by expressing your appreciation through a mail, SMS etc. Showing your customers that you appreciate them and value their patronage makes them feel significant, and that’s a good feeling. No one wants to spend their money patronising a business that acts like they are not needed.

To determine when to use these phrases is not an easy task, so you must rely on your relationship and previous experience with customers. However, the above phrases have been proven to be better for conversion when you use them at the right time and in the right context.

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