Thinking of starting a small business but confused about what exactly to do? We can help you narrow down your choices. Using our specialized tests, we validate your interests, strengths and weaknesses and propose business ideas that match your personality profile. We also help you conduct business concept reviews to test if there is a need for product/service, market analysis to gauge demand and readiness, and lastly competitor review to help you fine tune your unique selling proposition.
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Great idea, check. Available market, check. Congratulations!!! Now it is time to create a blue print for success! Starting a business without a plan is similar to starting a journey without a destination in mind. You end up anywhere, and as a startup, you cannot afford to end up anywhere. Your business needs a clear strategy that defines your goals and how you intend to achieve those goals. This service will help you develop a comprehensive plan which can be used to obtain financing and or provide direction for the business. Our basic business plan covers all the major sections such as business description, market and industry analysis, marketing plan, operations and management and financials.
Why do you need a business plan?

  • To help you create a roadmap for your business
  • To validate your idea and vision for the business
  • To estimate your start-up costs and determine if and how much additional capital you may require
  • To understand your target market and position yourself to serve them
  • To create strategies that will help you make profit
  • To know when your business will break even
  • To help you convince lenders and investors to back your idea
  • To help you set goals for your business
  • To provide a guideline and structure for your employees to work with

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