Creating an Attractive Employer Brand

Finding the right staff is a great challenge for many business owners. And in rare cases where you find suitable staff, retaining them proves to be even more challenging.

Imagine you have gone through the recruitment process and finally selected your suitable candidate, and finally feel settled that you have made a good choice. Then three months in they quit! Now you are left hanging after wasting all that money and time. This is the reality for so many business owners. You find yourself in a state of always hiring, firing or about to fire.

While this is very frustrating for the employer it is equally frustrating for the employee as well. Which leads us to the questions: why do staff quit and what makes an organization an attractive place to work? During a recent strategy session, a business owner was honest to admit if she were looking for a job, she would not work for her company in its current state; and that realization has paved the way to some changes she would putting in place.

Very often employers erroneously believe that retaining good employees is all about money. Unfortunately money alone does not make your organization the preferred option. Although money is important, it rarely gives the total satisfaction employees crave.

So below are other factors that make your organization truly attractive:

  1. Total Reward: In addition to paying competitive salaries, you also reward productivity. This makes employees know that their work is noticed and valuable. You also recognize and reward extra effort.
  2. Learning and Development: Your organization gives staff opportunities to learn and grow their careers. This can be through paid trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences. I know an organization where all staff are mandated to belong and actively participate in their professional organizations. They are also allowed to attend their conferences and events.
  3. Benefits: Health insurance, pension, accommodation, staff loans, paid vacation etc. are major factors employees consider when deciding to stay or leave an organization. For instance with the rising costs of healthcare service, any company that provides staff especially those that have children with healthcare will be shoulders above others that do not offer such benefits.
  4. Structure: Many times a staff will leave an organization that lacks structure. This is because staff detest uncertainty. One day the management introduces a new policy and the next day it backtracks. Ensure that your staff have clear cut job descriptions and you are evaluating their performance based on the terms there in. Also have a handbook to serve as a reference point for occasions when you have to melt out disciplinary measures or give staff time off from work. Most of all staff should know that what you have set as policy is valid.
  5. You have great culture: Employees want to feel like part of something truly unique. Having great company culture entices people to join you in anticipation of becoming part of something special.

Being an employer of choice not only increases your brand value, it heightens your competitive advantage. You no longer have to go looking for the best hands; they will come looking for you.

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