Increase your Sales with the Right Words

The story is told of a blind man who sat on the corner of a busy street begging for money. He held up a sign that read: Blind, Please help! No one took a second look at him; lest give him money.Some told him to stop begging and go get a job.

After some time, a young woman passing by noticed the situation and decided to do something different. She took the sign and changed the message. Soon after people started dropping coins till the jar became full.The blind man was curious and asked the lady what happened. She read him the new sign she had written “ Its a beautiful day. You can see it. I cannot.”

This short story shows the power of words and how we connect to others. Regardless of good your product is, if you are not connecting with your customers, you won’t make sales. From your signage to brochures, flyers and complimentary cards, always strive to make an emotional connection with your desired prospects. Using elements like color, design, copy and images, you can create a style unique to your business.

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