Is Your Business Disaster Proof?

Although we all pray and hope for good things to happen to us all the time, occasionally bad things happen. This is also true for businesses. Our best laid plans sometimes don’t span out the way we planned. This disruption can be mild or in some cases severe. From server failures, to fraud, employee theft, bad PR and fires the list of what could go wrong is endless.  If we are lucky, it’s gradual and if we are not it’s so sudden we barely have time to process it.

 Regardless of how disaster comes, it is best to adopt a proactive stance. This does not mean that we should go about everyday anticipating calamity, but that we are prepared in case something happens and we can minimize the effects as well.

To begin preparing for disaster, here are some steps to take:

· Identify your soft points (the critical aspects of  your business that will be most affected if a disaster occurs)

· Gather information about risks and hazards in your business/environment and the probability of occurrence

· Develop a plan to address the impact

· Train staff on emergency procedures

· Arm yourself with the right equipment and resources 

· Plan for continuity

Disaster planning  is crucial to every organization. It assists in ensuring  that  your business survives and recovers regardless.

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