Project Management Tips for the Small Business Owner

One of the most remarkable attributes of Project Management (PM) is its versatility. With skills that can be adapted for personal as well as professional use and easily deployed in any industry; it is one cake everyone needs to get a piece of. Generally, when project management is mentioned, what comes to mind is big projects, huge budgets and lots of complicated stuff. This cannot be further from the truth. Every day as individuals and organizations, we are all involved in one project or the other and thereby practising Project Management. In a small business, tasks such as hiring a new employee, manufacturing a new product, fulfilling a customer order or designing your business brochure can all be classified as projects.

Utilizing PM skills as part of your operational process can help you achieve the following:

Goal Setting: Using the PM approach to goal setting, you can easily build a case for each goal you want to achieve and set out clear objectives and action plans for achieving your goals.

Time Management: Most small Businesses have few employees and numerous tasks. PM can teach you how to prioritize your tasks in such a manner that the most important tasks are completed first.

Organization: Using a tool commonly known as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a Small Business owner can decompose any task into smaller and more manageable chunks thereby gaining better control of the project.

Customer Service: A big aspect of PM is quality management. This skill will enable you set standards that render your final product or service fit for the customers ‘use. The quality management process also helps you avoid rework thereby saving you time and money.

The ultimate goal of every small business owner is to produce great products and services that the customer will love and want to buy again. Project management therefore provides an excellent framework for you to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

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