Do not let your flyer end up in the trash!

One of the most commonly used marketing tools is the Flyer. For most small businesses, this is usually the first and only form of marketing they engage in. When flyers are used effectively, they have a high potential of reaching many people in a short period of time. Statistics have shown that the conversion or response rate for flyers is very slim, typically 1-3% for every 1000. How then do you make sure your flyer does not get tossed along with every other one? Consider the following:


· Design: The layout of your flyer should be attractive and catchy. Avoid filling it with unnecessary content. It should be well arranged and easy for someone to glance through and immediately get the main points.

· Colour and Font: Closely tied to the above mentioned is the colour and font of your flyer. Avoid using too many capital letters in a bid to draw attention. Avoid cursive fonts too as they can be hard to read. The colour should reflect your brand.

· Appeal: Use beautiful images to depict your product or service. A good printer is paramount to ensuring that the flyer looks professionally done.

· Content:  There is the tendency to want to say everything in one medium. However, that will only overwhelm the reader. Use the KISS rule- Keep It Short and Simple. Highlight the major benefits of your product and service and why they should patronize you.

· Action: Your flyer should motivate your customers to act. Use incentives like discounts, free gifts, specials and savings to attract people. If the incentives are for a period of time, also indicate that clearly. 

Lastly, your targeted clientele and the product/service you want to promote should be given high consideration when designing a flyer. Your marketing material should be proportionate with what you are selling and who you want to reach. 

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