New Year, New Look

2013 is almost over and a New Year is dawning on us- a perfect time to rethink and strategize.  Just the other day I was brainstorming new ways to give my house a facelift for the New Year. I contemplated changing the blinds, repainting the walls and rearranging furniture.  Doing this got me thinking, how can a small business prepare for the New Year? Same answer- A Face Lift!  Making small changes in your business not only activates existing customers but also makes your business memorable to new visitors. It tells your customers that you care about them and gives them confidence that you will also seek innovation in the products and services you are offering them. I have drawn up a non-exhaustive list of five small changes you can make to bring about bigger improvements. 


Begin your makeover process:

Rearrange the reception area– Customers will immediately notice the change and fall in love with your company all over again. Imagine walking into a business you last visited ten years ago and the layout is exactly the same. I bet that made you feel the business was outdated. 

Change your marketing material:  Business cards, brochures, and other literature are effective tools for promoting your business.  Changing the design, quality of print material or font can give it a totally new appearance. Your card and brochure must be distinguishable from others and memorable enough to create interest. 

Redesign your website: If you do not already have a website, get one. It’s the easiest way for your customers to connect with you. With the advent of the internet, you do yourself a disservice if your customers cannot quickly find you on-line and connect with you. If you have an existing website, consider adding new tabs, changing the font and design, adding graphics etc. The focus is to make visitors feel enthralled each time they visit.

Remodelling: This includes, repainting the walls, adding ornamental features, replacing furniture, lighting, signage etc. Time to change that couch? Probably.

Upgrade Appliances: Upgrade your computers, phones, television sets and other appliances. This does not only make the customers feel good, your employees will also be excited and motivated, often resulting in increased productivity.

Your customers will love the new look! You will draw interest from former customers and attract new customers. They will advertise for you through word of mouth and help you generate new leads, making even more money for you!

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