Getting the right employees for your Small Business

Entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed by the many hats they have to wear. It is not uncommon to find a Small business owner who is the receptionist at their business, the accountant, office manager and also doing the actual work the business is about.Performing all these duties rarely leaves time for strategic thinking and planning.

 A common factor which holds small business owners back is usually the fear that they may not find a good person who is equally as passionate about their business. True enough. However, as the owner of the business, you will have to determine what areas you can give up control of, without obstructing business flow. For example, a good office manager can answer phones and perform other administrative tasks. This frees up some time for you.

You may also consider outsourcing tasks like accounting, tax preparation and recruiting to a 3rd party. If you provide services they can use, then a service swap is recommended.

The following tips will help you get most out of your hiring experience:

· Hire for attitude, skills can be taught. You can teach skills but it’s extremely hard to teach enthusiasm, integrity, self-discipline and team spirit. Personality is also important and should be considered.

· Have a detailed job description for the role. Know and communicate clearly what you expect from the candidate.

· Hire candidates who have had experience working with similar companies in the past. Small Businesses have nuances which are peculiar to them and not obtainable in Big Businesses.

· Gather as much information as you can about the candidate. Many applications include exaggerated qualifications and bogus details.

· Ask for referrals from your friends other Small Business Owners, and Colleagues. People are generally careful whom they refer since their own reputation is also on the line.

Having the right employees with the right mix of skills, abilities, and drive, is critical to the success of any business.

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