Before, during and after the sale

Imagine this scenario, a sales man walks up to you, introduces a brand new product that can revolutionize the way you communicate. He tells you of the wonderful features of this new device, how it can send emails, text messages, instant messages etc. at the touch of a button. At the end of his pitch, he has got you tied around his little finger wanting more. You don’t bother thinking too deep about his offer, after all who would say no to a device that can send SMS messages without actual typing? So you commit! You make the purchase!


Fast forward three hours later; you have since thrown your BBZ10 in the trash and this new wonderful do-everything device just won’t work. In the three hours since you started trying to set it up, you have called customer care three times. Frustration does not capture the feelings of this buyer. Are you the Seller? This article is for you.

Promising something you are not capable of fulfilling or having no plans to fulfil is not only detrimental to your business, it is just plain wrong. In an attempt to woo customers, many small businesses end up promising more than they fulfil. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you decide a sales strategy for your business.

Under Promise- Over deliver– This approach keeps the customers’ expectations at a controlled level such that when you over deliver, you achieve the WOW factor.

Customer service – When making a sales pitch, it is common to get superior service from the company. Phone calls are retuned, emails are replied and there is a general feeling of good service. However as soon as the sale is completed, there is a reversal in attitude. A successful business will maintain a high level of service, before, during and after a sale. This assures customers of your integrity. 

Full Disclosure – Another aspect of designing your sales strategy is to keep all the cards on the table. It is common to find customers barely glancing at the fine print of an agreement. As much as it is their responsibility to do so, you will score yourself points be clearly highlighting what you will and will not do so that no one is in the dark. This practice will not only reduce the chances of customers’ disappointments, it will also increase your credibility.

A business can never go wrong when practising these concepts with customers. They ensure that sales commitments are made as agreed between the company and customer. When the competition forgets about the fine details of a sale, strict attention to detail and follow-up is a springboard to leap past a rival.

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