Small Business Solutions

Small business owners are famous for the numerous hats they wear. Often times, they are the ones who do the work, sign the checks, hire staff, answer calls etc. And we know how overwhelming this can be. For this reason, we have developed a number of solutions to address your most pressing issues.
We provide the following services:

Business Plan Development and Review

There is a common misconception among existing small business owners that once you are in operation, you don’t need a business plan. This cannot be further from the truth. All successful companies have business plans as a blue print guiding them towards higher profits and better performance.
Why do you need a business plan?

  • To help you create a roadmap for your business
  • To validate your idea and vision for the business
  • To estimate your start-up costs and determine if and how much additional capital you may require
  • To understand your target market and position yourself to serve them
  • To create strategies that will help you make profit
  • To know when your business will break even
  • To help you convince lenders and investors to back your idea
  • To help you set goals for your business
  • To provide a guideline and structure for your employees to work with

If you already have a business plan, our consultants can review the plan, make recommendations and provide assistance in the implementation process. We help clients formulate objectives, action plans and milestones to achieve the set goals in the plan. We work with you to prioritize your objectives and identify success metrics for each objective.
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Business Process Design

At the beginning of your business, it is not unusual for things to be done as the need arises. However as time passes and the company grows, you will find that this approach is no longer sustainable. For instance, some new staff will come along and it will not be feasible to keep reinventing the wheel each time. Also if you have to be away for a period of time, you want the assurance that your customers will still be catered to as if you were present. Developing your business process will take the guesswork out. You will be in a position to identify and tackle the bottlenecks (quality, staffing, or skill) hindering your business.
Is your business facing any of these challenges?

  • Simple tasks take forever to be completed or are muddled up
  • You constantly have to rework finished products
  • Even with the staff and equipment, you never seem to get your products/services to where you want it to be.
  • You are spending money over and over on the same issue with no permanent solution in sight
  • You always have to supervise every single task
  • You are afraid to take a break because you are not sure what will happen in your absence

If any of these resonated with you, then a business process design is what you need.

Business Review

Is your business effective or efficient? What are the numbers in your business saying? How prepared is your business for the unknown?

It is often said that the best time to get a checkup is before you actually need one. The same principle applies to your business. Conducting a business review helps you ask the relevant questions that can bring about much needed change in your business. It prepares you for opportunities and prevents you from making the same mistakes over and over again. We look at key areas of your business such as:

  • Your core Activities
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finances
  • Employees
  • Operating Strategy

To improve, you must measure

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Marketing and Branding

In the world of small business where competition is tight and margins low, the advantage goes to the company that understands its customers, why they buy and how they buy. Using our expertise, we provide quality insights that will ensure you are reaching your customers and prospects with the right message through the right channels.

We begin by developing a marketing plan, which is your most important tool for selling successfully. Our plans cover elements that promote a business and build demand for its products and services by reaching target customers and encouraging them to connect, buy and return for more. We also deploy a dedicated project manager to work with you in designing your marketing campaign.