This Elephant Called Nigeria

23rd October 2020 0

“Who was prepared for this?”, FK Abudu asks as she ushers in the ISWIS podcast she co – hosts with Jola Ayeye. I have found myself asking this same question time and time again over the past 2 weeks. Like many of you I have watched these duo and other amazing ladies and gentlemen champion the most […]

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8 ways to motivate your team

7th September 2020 0

When you’re running a business, your team is your most important asset and biggest resource. Without them the business could not function so it’s essential that your employees feel encouraged and inspired on a daily basis. In order to achieve great results, you should be constantly thinking about ways you can motivate and inspire your […]

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How to Delegate Effectively

3rd August 2020 0

One of the keys to increasing your productivity, growing your business and scaling up your operations is DELEGATION. As a business owner, you can’t do everything, and even if you could, you don’t have all the time it takes. If you decide to keep doing everything by yourself, you won’t be able to grow your […]

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How to Keep Customers Coming Back

6th July 2020 0

Oftentimes, businesses and business owners put a lot of efforts into getting new customers. However, the truth remains that the success of a business depends largely on repeat customers. Customers who return and keep doing business with you are like the backbone of your business. They form the support base that makes growth and expansion […]

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How to Increase Profits Without Raising Prices

1st June 2020 0

  One of the goals of every business is to maximise its profits while not lowering the quality of products or services. To achieve this, you need some strategies, and in this post, I’ll be sharing 15 of them that you can implement in your business and begin to increase your profits. 1. Focus your […]

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7 Common Business Process Mistakes Small Businesses Make

4th May 2020 0

Your business processes are critical to the success of your business, and when you get it wrong with your processes, you will be hindering your business in a major way and you won’t even know what is wrong with the business. In simple terms, when we talk about your ‘business processes,’ we are talking about […]

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Competitive Advantage: 10 Smart Ways A Business Can Stay Ahead of Others in the Market

6th April 2020 0

Think about this: There are 5 fruit sellers on your street and you want to buy some fruit. What are some of the reasons why you may choose to buy fruits from a particular seller and not the other four? Perhaps you may choose a seller because of how close the person’s stand is to […]

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