Are You Ready for Your Big Moment?

Sometime last month, an influential entrepreneur reached out to me on social media. She was shopping for a service that I provide. I responded to her post and after exchanging a few messages with her, she asked for my profile. And that was when I froze! My profile? I started trying to think of what folder on my laptop it could be in and what exactly would be inside. My excitement had quickly turned to trepidation.

I eventually found it but like I was thinking it no longer represented my brand or me. The majority of the information contained in the profile had changed. From my office address to the phone number and even some of the services I was offering at the time had changed. I also realized that I had become complacent regarding marketing as I had been getting most of my projects through referrals.

What’s the essence of my sharing this with you? Because you don’t need to make the same mistake I did- be prepared. If you were asked to send in your company or personal profile immediately, would you just whip it out and send? Or will you be as confused and scared as I was?

It is important to set some time aside to put together your business materials and documents. If you already have them, check that they are up to date and still compatible with your brand. You never know when you will need them.

If you do not have business profiles and you would like to create some for your business reach out to me here and I can help you out.

The best time to prepare for the big moment is now.

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