Choosing the right form of entertainment for your workplace

One of the problems facing business owners today is striking a balance between using entertainment to create a lively environment for customers and ensuring that it does not become a distraction to staff. 

So often you walk into a business and the staff is more preoccupied with a movie than with his/her job. This gives a very negative impression and affects customer service. From television, to radio, and more recently the internet and smart phones, there are so many avenues through which employees can become distracted. 

 When deciding on the choice of entertainment for your business, consider the following: 

· What type of business do you have? Do your customers walk in, pick what they want, pay and leave? If yes, then suitable music would be most appropriate form of entertainment for you.

· How long do your customers stay? If your business requires that customers come in and wait to be served, you should consider having a television set. However, it should be positioned such that it does not face the staff directly and become a point of distraction.

· Appropriate content: Set your TV channels so that the content is appropriate for the audience. Most businesses stick with news channels and kids’ channels for children.

Remember workplace entertainment should serve two purposes: improve the mood and ambience for guests and help staff to relax and relieve stress. 

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