What marketing means to the Small Business Owner

One of the most frequently used terms in regards to growing your business is marketing. If you are like me, you have heard the word so much it’s almost begun to lose its meaning. But don’t give up just yet; marketing is simpler than you think.

The simplest definition of marketing which I personally like is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.  Now that we know what marketing is, how does the process apply to a small business? Basically marketing for the small business comprises the following steps:

1. Get to know your target customer: Who will buy my product/ service? Who will my product/ service appeal to?

2. Tailor your product, Price, Packaging and Distribution to address the need of the of the customer you identified in step 1

3. Create and project marketing messages to grab the identified customer’s attention.

4.Go and make the Sale

5. Customer Service: Make the process of selling unique and memorable for the customer, make the customer feel special, meet their expectations in the best possible way you can.

6. Feedback: Ask your customer about their experience and give them opportunity to tell you how you can serve them better next time.

The key element to remember is that marketing is not about selling alone, it includes knowing who you want to sell to in a manner that makes your product and service fit their need perfectly. The result of carefully executed marketing should be a SALE.

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