when first time is not a charm

One thing a serial entrepreneur will tell you is that often, the first idea is rarely the winner. Even after market research, feasibility and viability studies they often find that when the business is in actual operations, things do not go as planned. You often go through a series of early setbacks until you come to that point where you have the perfect product, price, target market and business model.

So while you are going through those stages, here are some things you can do:


-Be totally present: Dedicate time and energy into learning the critical aspects of your business. Consider operations, marketing, sales, etc and how they impact the final outcome.

-Be aggressive in learning what works and what does not. Also, know what strategies are best suited for various situations. 

-Focus on the big picture: Keep in mind the overall goal you want to achieve, promote the activities that will help in accomplishing the goal and eliminate activities that do not add to your vision.

-Celebrate the small victories: During this period, some days will be a hit and some a miss. Celebrate all the ‘Hits’ and learn from the misses.

-Ask for help: It’s easy and always saves you more in the long run. Stay on top of your game and success will surely come.

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