5 Practical Tips on Handling Negative Feedback in Your Business

29th April 2015 0

In an ideal world, we would serve our customers and they will be so happy they will never complain. In the real world though, despite our best efforts, we sometimes miss the mark and leave unhappy customers. How we react to their feedback will determine if we keep or lose them. 

As a business owner, negative feedback gives you an opportunity to improve your products and services. So here are some tips to help you change your lemons to lemonade. 

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Strategic Partnerships can Unlock Closed Doors

2nd March 2015 0

As a small business there is a limit to what you can achieve on your own. Competing with bigger and more established companies can be extremely tough as they have more resources and skills. Forming strategic partnerships with other small businesses can help you gain competitive advantage and realize your growth potential faster. It can also give you easier access to your target market and equip you with capabilities you would not have had on your own.

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How to price your products and services

29th January 2015 0

When I first started my business, one area I struggled with was how to set a fair and accurate price for my services. On the one hand, I didn’t want my services to be too expensive and on the other hand I didn’t want to price myself too low and run into a loss. 

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Is Your Business Ready for 2015: Start by setting SMART goals.

12th January 2015 0

For most small businesses, the beginning of the year is often marked by new initiatives, grand schemes and lofty projects to be embarked on. However, it is not long before distractions come and plans fall by the way side. By the time is mid- year, you find yourself far from where you had planned to be.

One easy way to avoid this deviation and bring your plans to bear is by setting goals.  This will help you focus your energy, time and resources in the direction of your dreams. Once you have created the big picture, the next step will be to break down your goals to more manageable pieces called objectives and create action plans.

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Does Your Business Have a Strategy?

8th October 2014 0

Does Your Business Have a Strategy?

It’s the knock out stage of a huge soccer championship. One team will advance and the other will leave the competition. The eager fans are watching with a combination of excitement and fear. As the game starts, comments begin to pour in about the strategies of the two teams. 

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14th September 2013 0

{jcomments on}So you have decided to be your own boss- Congratulations! The good news- that was the easy part, the not so easy part is how to make your idea come alive. You don’t have to panic though; there is a pool of resources at your disposal. Here are some factors to consider:

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