Customer Service and Quality as your Competive Advantage

A business’ competitive advantage is the factor or combination of factors that give your company superiority over others in the market. For a small business, this could mean a host of factors such as convenience, attention to detail, timeliness, customer service and quality of your product or service.


As a small business owner, one of the most serious challenges you will face is having your business at a standstill. It is a frustrating experience and can result in business failure if urgent measures are not taken to remedy the situation. If your business is at that point, here are some questions and tips to consider:


So you have decided to be your own boss- Congratulations! The good news- that was the easy part, the not so easy part is how to make your idea come alive. You don’t have to panic though; there is a pool of resources at your disposal. Here are some factors to consider: