Increase your Sales with the Right Words

The story is told of a blind man who sat on the corner of a busy street begging for money. He held up a sign that read: Blind, Please help! No one took a second look at him; lest give him money.Some told him to stop begging and go get a job.

Does Your Business Have a Strategy?

Does Your Business Have a Strategy?

It's the knock out stage of a huge soccer championship. One team will advance and the other will leave the competition. The eager fans are watching with a combination of excitement and fear. As the game starts, comments begin to pour in about the strategies of the two teams. 

How Not To Save: 7 Tips For Saving Smart

Who knew something as easy as saving money could be so complicated?  Let me share this story with you and you will see what I mean. Diana* a young lady I know decided it was time to get financially savvy. She made plans for her future, which included a goal to save money each month. After reviewing her expenses, she decided to cut down on her monthly massages from four to one per month. At a cost of N7, 000 per session, she was expecting savings of N21, 000 per month. Pretty impressive for a start. 

The Big Picture: Why you do what you do

I am convinced that running a business profitably is only a means to an end, and that perhaps success means something much more than profits. Take for instance Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffet; who are known to donate huge chunks of their profits to charity and humanitarian causes. Some of them have gone as far as saying they want to be remembered for bringing change and helping people rather than for their business acumen. For these people, it is safe to say their business is merely a platform upon which they can execute their purpose. 

The Ten Customer Commandments

1. Remember they are right, (even when you think are wrong). 

2. Spend as much time as you can listening to as many of them as possible. 

3. Give them unexpected treats to say 'thank you' for being loyal- never take them for granted. 

4. Never stop wooing them and romancing your brand. 

5. Try and find out those little things in life that irritate them. 

6. Understand how people are different and why and how to work with this. 

7. When you make a mistake say 'sorry' and put it right. 

8. Ask them to introduce you to their friends. 

9. Always be faithful to them and their changing needs. 

10. Love your consumer as though you were married to them. 

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Culled from Brilliant Marketing, Richard Hall (2012)


Rewarding Referrals

Rewarding customers can sometimes be tricky. It gets even trickier when you want to reward them for bringing you a customer(s). For the business owner, word of mouth is very important. A referral says that the customer is very satisfied and trusts you enough to put his reputation on the line for you. How do you pay back this act of benevolence?

6 lessons the Ekiti elections can teach the Nigerian Business Owner

Saturday June 21, 2014 was a turning point for leadership in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Former impeached governor, Peter Fayose defeated incumbent John Fayemi in the governorship elections.

Unlike previous elections conducted, there were no cases of violence and more importantly ballot snatching which would have been an indication that the results were manipulated. The election was free and fair and the people made their choice.

Is Your Business Disaster Proof?

Although we all pray and hope for good things to happen to us all the time, occasionally bad things happen. This is also true for businesses. Our best laid plans sometimes don’t span out the way we planned. This disruption can be mild or in some cases severe. From server failures, to fraud, employee theft, bad PR and fires the list of what could go wrong is endless.  If we are lucky, it’s gradual and if we are not it’s so sudden we barely have time to process it.

Are you leaving Money on the table? Follow Up and Follow Through.

Sometimes the problem with poor sales might not be your product or service. It might simply be your attitude. 

Take for instance my client Judith. She attended an event and met a top manager in a company she had always dreamt of working with. They exchanged call cards but she never contacted him because she lost his card. Opportunity wasted. How careless you might say, but we are all guilty of similar behaviors like:

Choosing the right form of entertainment for your workplace

One of the problems facing business owners today is striking a balance between using entertainment to create a lively environment for customers and ensuring that it does not become a distraction to staff. 

So often you walk into a business and the staff is more preoccupied with a movie than with his/her job. This gives a very negative impression and affects customer service. From television, to radio, and more recently the internet and smart phones, there are so many avenues through which employees can become distracted.